what is engineering processional accreditation

The Engineering Professional Accreditation is basically a classification system through which the society aims to bring up the engineering expertise to high professional levels to ensure sustained excellence in engineering practices in the Sultanate. The classification system helps companies and organizations in assessing the levels and expertise of the engineers, thus maximize utilization of their capabilities and abilities. It also prevents forged engineering practices hence ensures the integrity and suitability of these engineering projects in the Sultanate.

Through the Professional Accreditation System,  we first verify the academic qualifications of the engineers through prime source verification partners . Then, we evaluate their capacities, experience and levels of professionalism and classify them accordingly into different professional grades (Engineer, Associate Engineer, Professional Engineer, Consultant Engineer) each has its specific duties and responsibilities.



Classification Chart

Engineering Accreditation

You will pay 35 OMR in advance then You will be able to complete the payment after the committees approve your documents


                                                                                                  70 OMR/ 2 year

Associate Engineer

                                                                                                90 OMR/ 2 years

Professional Engineer

                                                                                                120 OMR/ 2 years

Consultant Engineer

                                                                                               165 OMR/ 2 years