1. Validate the qualifications of engineers wishing to work in the Sultanate.
  2. Decide the field of engineering qualification and engineering expertise accordingly
  3. Evaluating the practical experiences, knowledge and skills acquired for workers in this profession, and then defining the duties, responsibilities and standards for practicing the profession, which ensures the safety of engineering projects and their compliance with the specified standards, thus protecting society from forged practices.
  4. Raise Omanisation rates in the engineering profession by eliminating the number of expatriate engineers who are not qualified to perform engineering work.
  5. Maintain continuous development in order to raise the skills of Omani engineers and ensure they keep pace with the latest developments in their engineering discipline.
  6. Enable the Ministry of Labour to issue appropriate permits to individuals and institutions.
  7. Assisting companies and institutions in distinguishing engineers in terms of specialization, tasks, powers and professional responsibilities in different sectors.
  8. Establishing a professional record for engineers that documents their qualification level and their professional experience.